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VeeR VR founding team selected for Forbes “30 under 30” list

A few days ago, Forbes announced the list of “30 under 30” elites in Asia in 2018 and selected 300 outstanding young subversives from 10 different fields in Asia. Among them, there are 59 young innovators from mainland China.

VeeR VR’s three co-founders, Ye Xinzhong (CEO), Chen Hao (CPO) and Chen Yue (CTO) were selected for the consumer technology category, and they also became the only VR Internet technology founding team in the current Forbes list.

From the left of the picture above: CPO, CEO and Chen Yue (CTO)

In the first year of virtual reality in 2016, the three founders returned from Silicon Valley and founded the VR global content community VeeR VR, filling the void of the VR content community at that time. After the product is officially launched, it has been committed to encouraging and helping VR content creators to create high-quality content that has attracted attention and love from users at home and abroad. In less than a year, VeeR VR attracted creators from more than 180 countries to enter and upload VR content. At the same time, VeeR VR became the only Chinese VR application recommended by the iOS App Store, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Huawei VR, and Xiaomi VR.

In mid-2017, in order to meet the needs of creators to easily edit 360° content, VeeR developed the lightweight 360 content editing mobile application software VeeR Editor. The creator can directly edit the material through the VeeR Editor after the video or photo material is captured, and add effects such as filters and stickers. The 360-degree content editing becomes simpler and more fun.

According to Ye Yezhong, CEO, “We believe that in the near future, VR photography will be widely used, and VeeR VR will allow everyone to easily create and share VR content, making the production and distribution of VR content simple and interesting. We also welcome more talented people who are interested in joining the VR industry and the global market, and work together to advance the VR industry.”

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