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The VR version of “Fishing Talent” is available in Steam

This time let’s go straight to the point: Today, a VR game called Amigo Fishing appears on the Steam platform; as for the specific content, if you have contacted a mobile phone or other fishing platform, then the experience of this game will certainly make people feel familiar – such as making a fish to earn points, such as a deduction of the deduction, if you pay attention to the options interface, you can even vaguely see a similar shopping cart icon, and whether or not that kind of function… I wasn’t interested in finding out anyway.

It is no longer true that VR games have been developed to the present day and are expected to make money from works full of slash-and-burn DEMO atmospheres. However, in this industry, there are unruly developers who continue their previous routines… well, perhaps this is not known behind the scenes. The insider routines count you.

“Amigo Fishing” is expected to be officially launched on Steam in March of this year. It supports nine languages including Chinese. As for the value is not worth a try … what you say?

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