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The United States and the iG team officially signed an enthusiastic peripheral brand

On April 3rd, the world’s leading enthusiast computer peripherals and accessories brand Viking Ships and iG team announced the formal signing of joint development in depth and cooperation, introducing the full range of peripheral products from the US pirate ship into China, and elevating games for e-sports fans. Experience.

The entire series of peripheral products of American pirate ships is the focus of this signing ceremony. The American pirate ship, as the world’s leading enthusiast-level peripheral brand, also released a series of enthusiast-class wireless gaming peripherals, such as wireless mouse, K63 in a full range of products. Wireless keyboards and Dark Core RGB SE gaming mice with wireless charging capabilities also made stunning appearances at the signing ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that the American pirate ship mechanical game keyboard has won many awards in many domestic media. This represents that the American pirate ship is not only sought after by the game players in the game industry, but its product design and stability can also be recognized by the technology industry.

This time, the American pirate ship’s selection with the League of Legends and DOTA2 team signing is also fancy its position in the game industry, “Dota2” and “League of Legends” is currently the world’s most mainstream two MOBA games, two games each There are countless fans and influence. “Dota2” and “League of Legends” teams signed the contract with the American pirate ship. It is also a recognition and expectation of the excellent game equipment and stable performance of the American pirate ship.

Currently, the main members of the IG League of Legends team are Rookie, JackeyLove, TheShy, Duke, Baolan, and West. The main members of IG.DOTA2 team are Agressif Sun Zheng, Xxs Lin Jing, Srf Sun Runfa, BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao, Q Fu Bin, iG.Vitality main members are Meracle-Jiang Jianwen, S Xu Zichen, InJuly Yang Xiaodong, dogf1ghts Gao Tianpeng, super Su Peng.

The iG League of Legends representative Rookie: “As a professional player, the desire for top-notch gaming equipment is never-ending. I believe that the American pirate ship that has a high level of success in the DIY industry and gaming peripherals will bring a better gaming experience. Help us to refresh the record.”

DOTA2 team Agressif Sun Zheng: “We are very much looking forward to the new gaming experience that the American pirate ship has brought us. I am confident that we will achieve better results.”

This time, the two high-end, high-end, full-series products of the US Corsair’s high-end series will signify that the League of Legends and DOTA2 will stand on the same starting line in equipment.

The signing of the contract will expand the visibility of the American pirate ship in the e-sports circle through popular games, make more consumers aware of the brand characteristics, and enjoy the peripheral products of the American pirate ship, thereby enhancing the influence of the American pirate ship in the e-sports circle. And market share.

About American Pirate Ship:

Founded in 1994, the American Pirate Ship is a company specializing in computer components. Its products are widely sought after by gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts around the world. The American Pirate Ship product line covers memory, SSDs, USB flash drives, chassis, power supplies, speaker headsets, gaming peripherals, water-cooled radiators, and system monitoring and adjustment equipment. Since the company was founded, it has always adhered to the cutting edge of design and manufacturing. Level, widely acclaimed around the world.

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