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The birth of ARKit’s smallest developer is only 8 years old

A.R.tist is a small program newly developed by Nova Fleming. Users can use the real world to create a drawing board in AR environment and draw with different kinds and colors of lines. The APP is available for free download in the Apple iOS App Store. The functionality of this applet is very similar to Google’s recently launched Just A Line. The difference is that this app has added color to this feature. However, A.R.tist cannot save your drawing yet. You can only draw in AR, then clear it and create a new drawing.

Regardless of the evaluation of this small program, its developer, Nova, is the focus we should focus on. If an 8-year-old is working hard to develop an ARkit applet of its own, it competes with similar apps developed by Google. If even this cannot motivate you to set a higher goal, then nothing can be done. And this is not even the first APP developed by Nova. A few years ago, after learning X code programming (just 5 years old), the 6-year-old Nova successfully wrote a basic to-do application.

We contacted Nova’s father, Mark Fleming, for more information on the AR child prodigy. “Before the creation of this application, Nova took about six weeks of ARKit Udemy course. In addition, I also participated in some other courses to deepen my understanding of ARKit. To do this, Nova should draw at least one each week. Two hours.” When asked about Nova’s development inspiration, Fleming said. “There is a lesson in the Udemy course that uses simple painting tools to explain the basics of ARKit. She likes Google’s Tilt Brush. Tilt Brush is a smaller version of AR. It can only use one color, but she wants to use a variety of colors. When I went to paint, I encouraged her to think for herself. Finally, she came up with the idea of ​​applying multiple colors.”

After completing the ARKit course on Udemy (an online learning platform), Nova spent a total of three hours in three weeks creating this application.

“The main resource is the Udemy course. During this time, I also stay with her,” said Fleming, who helped Nova upload the app to the App Store. Interestingly, Nova’s app is released in Apple’s iOS app store, and her father works in Google Play’s movie and TV content operations department.

“She really likes the use of digital technology in the real world, and everything you can do with it, such as virtual pets, dress up virtual rooms,” Fleming said. Nova first became interested in AR and VR. “You can be in a completely different world and create all the things you want. You have to pick AR and VR to make her choose. It’s very hard. She likes both. In addition, she also likes to play with me. At the time, she will do something that I find particularly interesting. Now, I think I have fallen into the charm of VR and AR.”

This gives all parents a lesson: spending time with the children is not just limited to giving your child a tablet, allowing him to hold it while you watch TV on the side. In addition to Nova or other better ways, maybe the future genius of technology will be born from here.

For Nova, although she has gained a lot of fun in creating the app, it is not negligible that she is also an ordinary child. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up? The most answered are: veterinarians, actors, artists. But maybe she will continue to program this path. We are fortunate enough to enjoy the ultimate experience that can only be achieved in the AR.

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