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“Pet Wizard” Review: VR version of Elf treasure dream?

“Pet Wizard” is a role-playing VR game. In this elf-filled world, the 14-year-old actor, Booker, lives on a small island far away from the mainland. He dreams of becoming a great summoner, so he decides to challenge the owner of the Kojima Museum and gain recognition. , to realize his dream (really not the true New Town).

This is a free VR game. The game is the same as the “Pokemon” we are familiar with. The player can choose to train five pet eggs in the game, and there are also five different attributes. Players can upgrade their pets and learn new skills through continuous elves.

Pets in the game after hatching pets also have the chance to become more powerful mutant pets, details of the restoration or worthy of praise. At the same time, although the game adopts a turn-based system, it is not completely consistent with “Pokemon”, but when players release their skills, they need to press the button for a long time and grasp the opportunity to move the progress bar to the green area. Maximizes skill damage.

Although the game restores some of the elements and gameplay of “Pokemon”, but the game is actually very monotonous. There is no other content to play except for the ongoing elvish battle. At the same time, the turn-based combat experience has greatly reduced the immersion of the game. The player is more like a bystander watching the elven game.

“Pet Wizard” can now be downloaded for free at viveport. Interested players can try it on their own.

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