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Noitom Launches Hi5 Enterprise Edition VR Gloves

Recently, Norit announced that the latest Hi5 Enterprise Edition VR gloves will be officially launched. With this VR glove, we can interact between the real world and virtual reality.

This product first appeared at the 2017 CES show. By capturing the complete hand movements, the user’s fingers are simulated in the VR environment, and a series of captured actions are displayed in real time, so that the wearer can produce intuitive VR immersion. With the programmable vibration device, Hi5 VR gloves can achieve a certain degree of tactile feedback; in addition, Hi5 VR gloves also contains an SDK kit for Unity and Unreal Engine, developers can use this device with their own hands. The project is integrated and it is collaborated with HTC Vive.

At present, Hi5 VR Enterprise Edition gloves are mainly for business users, and the official website has opened up orders.

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