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How to play pokemon go?

How to play pokemon go

The game has an augmented reality map that tracks your movements in the real world by GPS. When walking around, Pokémon will appear on your smartphone screen. Tap them to attempt to capture them, and you’ll enter a battle screen in which you must fling the Poké Balls at the bottom of the screen at your target.

Walking through the world, you can also tap on blue landmarks – Poké Stops – and spin them to collect items such as Poké Balls, Potions and so on.

By visiting Poké Stops and catching and evolving Pokémon, you will gain experience points which will upgrade your level over time. Levelling up grants you new items as well as meaning that more rare Pokémon appear. The easiest way to get a lot of experience points is to evolve Pokémon – even ones that you have done before – as well as finding new ones.

You can also find new Pokémon by hatching them from eggs. Find your eggs by going to your Pokémon screen and swiping left, from where you can select an egg and start incubating them. You have to walk a certain distance to hatch eggs – 2km, 5km or 10km – and the longer the distance, the rarer the Pokémon.

The aim of the game is to capture as many Pokémon as you can or get the strongest Pokémon to battle at Pokémon Gyms once you get to Level 5.

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