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Go Touch VR brings you to the touch of your fingertips

Many VR hardware manufacturers are trying to enhance the immersive experience of virtual reality experience by introducing tactile feedback technology. For example, wearable hand exoskeletons designed by Senseglove, sensor-mounted Bebop Sensors inside the gloves, Ultrahaptics using ultrasonic solutions can be Project the tactile sensation of the virtual world onto your hands. Recently, foreign media interviewed Go Touch VR, a hardware developer from France. In a conversation with CEO Eric Vezzoli, they talked about their first SDK VR Touch device. This device is used to apply touch sensing to the user’s finger. Let users manipulate VR objects to interact with them in real time.

The Go Touch VR device is designed based on operation and touch neurology, and the touch sense of the fingertips is transmitted through haptics technology. Each digital signal is processed separately, and a maximum of 1.5 Newtons of pressure is applied to the user’s finger through the actuator inside the unit, which can generate various types of tactile feedback, such as touch, click, key, vibration, and flexible material feedback. Vezzoli promises the future More types will also be provided.

In addition, the matching head display also needs to work with Leap Motion to work properly. In addition, Go Touch VR is always trying to solve Leap Motion’s occlusion problem. The device’s battery life is between 30 minutes and one hour. It can be used with any Windows-compatible head-mounted display device.

Go Touch VR raised nearly $1 million in funds through fundraising events. Since launching a promotional campaign in October last year, the team has delivered development kits to a number of companies, including the automotive industry giant BMW.

Vezzoli pointed out that they currently face only four B2B areas: industry training, data processing, engineering, and exhibitions. The specific content covers the range from car training simulation to real estate sales.

Vezzoli also stated that with future product iterations, the Go Touch VR’s device size and weight are expected to be reduced by half, allowing users to experience the texture and hardness of different materials, programming virtual keys, and performing systems through gesture recognition and hand tracking functions. Correction.

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