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Criterion Games intends to return to VR platform

Criterion Games, famous for its “Hot” series, has developed one of the most immersive VR experience games – that is, the “Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: The Star Wars Frontline: 2016. X-Wing Mission. Unfortunately, last year’s “Star Wars Frontline II” did not land on the VR platform. Will Criterion Games re-introduce the VR version? It is likely that this is what it means.

Last week, this UK-based studio revisited its achievements in the VR field at the GDC conference. According to “Rolling Stones”, the team was asked if they are interested in returning to VR in the future, or even if they are interested in making VR games for X-wing fighter vs. titanium fighters (old players understand this), Criterion Games’s Kieran Crimmins said: “The experience of creating VR content is of great benefit to the studio. Although we have completed Frontline II, there are three other projects in the studio that are moving ahead. Will we introduce more VR content in the future? I’m sure we will. But this is not what we are going to do now.”

We certainly hope that one day Criterion Games will return to the VR platform; although the process is short, the X-wing mission may be one of the most interesting games on the PSVR, this work allows the player to drive the iconic of the Star Wars rebel forces in 2016 The vehicle resists the attack of the Imperial Army.

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